University of Dundee

Dundee Plus Award for two Life Sciences PhD students

12 Jan 2018

Francesca Anna Carrieri and Laura D’Ignazio were recently awarded with a Dundee Plus Award from the University. The award is a recognition of skills acquired in extra-curricular activities in areas such as communication, team work, leadership, problem solving skills, amongst many others.

Open to all Dundee matriculated students, the award helps to highlight distinctive transferable skills that participants have developed over their studies in a formalized way. This can be very valuable addition to your CV and make you stand out to future employers. In their applications both Francesca and Laura included examples of activities that they had undertaken in the School.

One specific example Francesca, a PhD student in Kim Dales lab in the Division of Cell Biology and Development, gave was about improving her communication skills. “As part of my PhD research, I had the great opportunity to interact for few months with a deaf student, Liam, who uses British Sign Language and interpreters for his studies. The big challenge for me was to find a way to communicate with him, explain him my research, and find the right translation from words to signs. For many biology specialist terms, signs are non-existent. His summer project was to meet, interact with and observe scientists in order to develop new signs in the areas of cell and developmental biology.”

Laura, a PhD student in Sonia Rochas lab in the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression (GRE), said, “I used examples to show my group and team work abilities, as well as my ability to manage a budget. I took advantage of experience acquired as an Ambassador of Wellcome Trust PhD students and member of the GRE Committee in charge of the organisation of the GRE Symposium 2016”.

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