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January 2018

  • Sarah McKim
    10 Jan 2018

    A University of Dundee academic has been awarded more than £600,000 to study an increasing problem with the cereal crop barley that impacts the commercially important malting process and the shelf-life of animal feed.  Dr Sarah McKim, a School of Life Sciences researcher based at the James Hutton Institute, was awarded a BBSRC research grant to investigate the unfavourable trait, called ‘skinning’, and to develop tools to track it in breeding populations.  

  • Frank Sargent
    08 Jan 2018

    E.coli bacteria shown to be excellent at carbon dioxide conversion

  • 08 Jan 2018

    Senga Robertson, a PhD student from the Bulgarelli lab in Plant Sciences, won the Wellcome Trust Plutonium Zone in the national science communication competition ‘I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!’