University of Dundee

Science without Borders student has research published

29 Mar 2017

Juliana Oliveira De Souza, a visiting student from Brazil on the Science without Borders programme has had the work she conducted in Dundee published in the highly-respected journal ChemMedChem. Juliana undertook the third year of her undergraduate degree in Dundee as part of the 2015/16 BSc Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery degree programme. At the end of the academic year, she undertook a 12-week project from May to August 2016 in the laboratory of Professor Bill Hunter in BCDD.  The publication “The assessment of CTP synthase as a target for antimicrobial drug development" was the result of her time in the lab.

“Juliana did really well. She analysed, and made important corrections to a structure in the Protein Data Bank that is a potential drug target for parasitic infections. Her work revealed the correct details of how a drug works against the enzyme. The results led to her first publication in ChemMedChem,” explained Professor Hunter.    

The image shows the drug acivicin, yellow, blocking the enzyme active site by interacting with amino acids. A chloride ion is also present.