University of Dundee

Tremendous success for Dundee Summer Students

05 Jul 2017

The School is delighted to welcome five of our undergraduate students who are undertaking Medical Research Scotland funded vacation scholarships with researchers in the School. These scholarships have the additional challenge of requiring the PI and student to apply for funding together.

All five applications, which included a project proposal and a statement about what the student hopes to gain from the experience, were funded. The Scholarship is worth £2000 in stipend payments to the students and will allow the students to work alongside our scientists in diverse areas such as computer biology, developmental biology and molecular microbiology.

Prof. Anton Gartner, academic lead for the SLS Summer School said: 'It is incredibly important to give our best students a real live work experience and this is exactly what we do in our Summer School. To be in our research labs enables the students to 'learn by doing' and to be part of the application process and to raise this money is a major achievement for our students. I would like to thank the PIs that were involved and helped with these applications. Next year we will try to better our performance.”

The successful applicants are:

  • Jessica Barclay, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, 3rd year student who will work in Professor Julian Blow’s lab in GRE.
  • Elmira Ahmedova, BSc Physiologycal Sciences, 2nd year student who will work in Dr Jens Januschke’s lab in CDB.
  • David Helekal, BSc Mathematical Biology, 2nd year student who will work in Dr Ulrich Zachariae lab in Comp Bio.
  • Pok-Yin Brian Leung, BSc Microbiology (Hons), 3rd year student who will work in Dr Sarah Coulthurst lab in MMB.
  • Emma Sands, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences (Cancer Biology and Immunology), 3rd year student who will work in Professor Paul Crocker’s lab in CSI.  

Picture (from left): Emma, Brian, Jessica and Elmira.