University of Dundee

Congratulations to SLS PhD Posters Winners

31 Oct 2016

Today the SLS PhD Posters Session was held within the School. This session provided PhD students in their third year the opportunity to present their research to their fellow researchers. There were 38 students from across all the different departments taking part. The judges commented that again all the posters were of a very high standard but there could only be four prize winners. 

They were Yasir Malik, a student joint between Anton Gartner and Angus Lamond in GRE with a poster entitled "Starvation-longevity-ageing: Old bedfellows in new adaptations” and Thomas Rabl another joint student, this time between Kevin Read and David McGloin in BCDD.  His poster was entitled "Measuring intra-cellular drug concentrations using Raman Spectroscopy". Both won £150. Michael Batie from Sonia Rocha's lab in GRE won with a poster entitled “The role of chromatin structure and JmjC histone demethylases in the hypoxic response” and Elda Iljazi from Mike Ferguson's lab in BCDD won with a poster entitled “Defining D-Arabinose Metabolism in Leishmania major and Crithidia fasciculata”. Michael and Elda won £100. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all that took part.

The event was kindly sponsored by Dundee Cell Products.