University of Dundee

School of Life Sciences and CAHID Yearbook 2016

25 May 2016

The School of Life Sciences and CAHID Students graduating in 2016 have produced a Yearbook to record their time at the University during their studies, and the friendships made along the way.

The colourful Yearbook contains brief profiles and pictures of all the students at work and at play, plus the results of a survey taken by the students entitled “And the Award Goes to…” that revealed their fellow students they saw as Most Hardworking, Most Likely to Cure Cancer and Most Secretly Fancied Guy and Girl.   The survey also recorded their thoughts on staff members who were nominated in categories including Strictest Lecturer, Best Dressed and The Godfather of Life Sciences.

The Yearbook was made possible with a financial contribution from the Life Sciences Society, and was coordinated by Robert Daly (School of Life Sciences President) and Wendy MacMillan (Life Sciences Society President), who said:

"For the past few years, all Life Science students at Dundee were able to be part of the School community through various events such as Gaudi and the annual Life Science Ball. For graduating students, we wanted to give them something that was personal but at the same time celebrates their time at Dundee. The Yearbook was created to do just this. With over 80 profiles created, including staff, the Yearbook was a fitting end to what has been a fantastic four years at the University of Dundee." 

For those interested in viewing the fruits of the students' labour, a copy of the yearbook can be found in the School Office in the Carnelley Building.