University of Dundee

PhD Student Marilia Costa at Parliament "Science After the Referendum: What Next?" event

26 Jun 2016

Parliamentary Links Day is an annual meeting to discuss the future of Science. Organised by the Royal Society of Biology on behalf of the science and technology community, this is the largest scientific event on the annual parliament calendar, which brings together scientists, learned societies, authorities and Members of Parliament.

Marilia Costa, PhD student in Frank Sargent lab, as an active member of the Microbiology Society has been selected and invited to attend 2016 Links Day on Tuesday 28th of June at the House of Parliament and House of Lords.

Taking place just after the UK referendum, this meeting is expected to be highly attended with this year’s theme as Science After the Referendum: What Next?

Congratulations to Marilia Costa for being selected and representing the School of Life Sciences. If anyone has anything they wish to pass on to Parlamentarians please email Marilia at

On Twitter use #LinksDay16 to follow the event.