University of Dundee

Gerta Hoxhaj's PhD studies published in eLife

16 Jun 2016

Congratulations to Gerta Hoxhaj, in Carol MacKintosh's laboartory, for work that was recently published in eLife.  This is the third paper resulting from Gerta's PhD studies.

This was a challenging study, which gradually teased out the function of a protein named ZNRF2 that is controlled by insulin. ZNRF2 was discovered to operate within an intricate web of connected events, which tweak the activity of mTOR so that is not too high, not too low, but just right. mTOR is a central 'hub' protein that regulates the growth of all the cells of our bodies, so these findings generate many new questions about how ZNRF2 contributes to the insulin regulation of cell- and whole-body growth. The hard work given by Gerta payed off, generating a record number of experimental datasets and figures, which were all needed to work out complicated details of the interplay between ZNRF2 and mTOR.

Read the eLife lay summary here