University of Dundee

MRC-PPU animation illustrates for the public the significance of communication between cells in human health and disease

11 Nov 2015

The MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC PPU) is pleased to share a new video that describes one of the most significant components of the research carried out in the Unit – communication between cells.   Entitled ‘The Heart of Research and Discovery’ and narrated by the stage and film actor Brian Cox, the animation conveys the significance of signalling events and explains how this is mediated by phosphorylation.  It further goes on to illustrate the impact of phosphorylation on basic biology, health and disease and culminates with describing the role of the MRC PPU in contributing towards the development of therapeutics focused on the enzymes that regulate phosphorylation.  It is hoped that this animation will be helpful for the general public – including students – so that they can gain insight into the Unit’s work. 

This animation was made in collaboration with the company Vivomotion.

View now!