University of Dundee

Plant Sciences PhD students win big at Monogram Network Meeting

08 May 2015

Two PhD students from the Division of Plant Sciences have been recognised as outstanding young scientists by Monogram, the UK network for research on cereal crops and grasses.

The Monogram Early Career Excellence Award (MECEA) was awarded to Katie Baker, a PhD student with Andy Flavell and Micha Bayer (James Hutton Institute), after a UK-wide annual competition, for her work on "The chromatin landscape of barley: gene expression, evolution and epigenetics".

Miriam Schreiber, a PhD student with Claire Halpin and Robbie Waugh (James Hutton Institute), was also in the shortlist of the top three PhD applicants. Katie’s prize was awarded at the recent Annual Monogram Network Meeting where both Katie and Miriam gave talks on their research. 

Katie’s work was funded by BBSRC while Miriam’s work is funded by a RESAS Strategic Partnership in Food and Drink that both the College of Life Sciences and colleagues at the James Hutton Institute contribute to.