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The Science of Sci-Fi - Age of Robotics: the first in a series of seminars organised by the Scotland Chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (Wed 9 Dec, 5:30pm Dalhousie LT1)

08 Dec 2015

Organised by the newly-formed Scotland Chapter of Marie Curie Alumni Association ‘The Science of Sci-Fi – Age of Robotics’ is the first in a series of seminars for the public bringing together the realities of scientific research with the ever-popular genre of science fiction.

The Scotland Chapter of the MCAA was established in June 2015, initiated by the students of the University of Dundee’s interdisciplinary PHOQUS (PHOtonic tools for Quantitative imaging in tissUeS) PhD Programme which is funded by the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Seventh Framework Programme. Valerie Bentivegna, Valentina Ferro, Ivo Leite, Daniel O'Brien, Thomas Rabl and Piotr Zdankowski were instrumental in setting up the Scotland Chapter and organising the first in a number of events bringing together Marie Curie Funded researchers in a growing network across Scotland.

The three-part series of seminars aims to explore the connection between scientific research and sci-fi, and how these inextricably linked subject areas have affected and informed each other for decades. While keeping scientific concepts accessible to everyone, 'The Science of Sci-Fi' will explore the advances being made in fields that have been the subject of science fiction novels, movies and TV series. 

At the first seminar, the Age of Robotics is on Wednesday 9 December at 5.30pm in LT1, Dalhousie Building our panel of interdisciplinary researchers will speak on the popular topic of robots and artificial intelligence. 

Let Robots Feel 
Prof Ravinder Dahiya, Reader and EPSRC Fellow, School of Engineering at University of Glasgow

Beyond Vision 
Prof Emanuele Trucco, RP Chair of  Computational  Vision,  School  of  Science  and  Engineering at the University of Dundee and Honorary Clinical Researcher at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School

The Maker and his Creature: An Intellectual Historical Approach to 'Blade Runner' 
Prof Endre Szécsényi, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies College of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Aberdeen


Find out more on the Facebook event page and the event flyer.

‘The Science of Sci-Fi’ is an initiative of the MCAA Scotland Chapter, financed by the Marie Curie Alumni Association.