University of Dundee

CLS Website wins top industry award

13 May 2014

The College of Life Sciences website has received the top award at the second Scottish Drupal Awards.

This award celebrates the creativity and innovation within the Scottish Drupal community during the past year and is judged by the largest national Drupal user community at their annual conference.

The CLS website, designed and developed by the CLS web team headed by Andrew Millar, won Best Drupal Website. 

The award for best website recognises any company that has created a compelling user experience and delivered business results for the client and commends their solution for its ability to educate, inform or motivate to action. 

Andrew Millar joined the College as Web Developer in 2008 and was instrumental in introducing Drupal as the content management system of choice for the very exacting demands of the College of Life Sciences’ website. He said, 

“This award is particularly important for us as it is judged by the people developing the system, testing and using it to its full potential. Drupal is increasingly being used by HEIs and in the creative and public sectors. 

“The award recognises in particular our team’s ability to utilise the system to powerful effect and deliver what is essentially an end-user friendly information management system that underlies a dynamic website. The website itself is just the tip of the iceberg – the system underlying it is complex and we are constantly developing it to meet the challenges of a high-performing and ever-expanding research community.”

Since Andrew’s appointment and in close collaboration with the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, the web-team has grown to include John Hume as Web Developer and Ryan McLauchlan and Morag Hannah as Web Designers. This collaboration has seen them involved in deploying Drupal to power the websites of the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing and meet the specific needs of their user-community.

Dean of Research at the College of Life Sciences, Mike Ferguson said, “We are very proud of the web-team; this prize is certainly well-deserved. They have worked very hard to understand the needs of the College and to make the website central to disseminating our research excellence and achievements. Our PIs are able to deliver integrated, up-to-date information about themselves and their research via the website which is in effect a database, an information management system and an archive of all CLS activities and outputs  – publications, news, seminars, awards, impact and new PIs.”

Further information of the award can be found at: