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CLS scientists organise fun science week for Newport school

21 Mar 2014

Newport-on-Tay Primary hosted a science week for its pupils from the 17th to the 21st of March in conjunction with National Science and Engineering Week. During this week, Deena Leslie Pedrioli (DGEM), Patrick Pedrioli, Thimo Kurz (MRC-PPU) and others helped the children experience first hand what it is like to work in a biology lab.

Over 230 pupils aged 5-13 had the opportunity to peer through the lens of a microscope, to simulate how microbes are transferred with scientific equipment, to learn to "see" objects too small to be seen, and to model cells which they then took home with them, along with gloves, tubes, and other scientific paraphernalia. 

Deena Leslie Pedrioli, co-organiser of the event, said, "Our goal was to share our passion and excitement for science with the next generation by providing the children with a first-hand experience of what it is like to work in a biology lab."

Scientists from the College also visited each class to explain to the pupils what it is like to be a scientist answered their questions on the life in the lab. Queries included "What is the difference between a wizard and a scientist?" and "So, do you study dinosaurs?"

"It was great to see the enthusiasm of both the pupils and the scientists," said Erin Hardee, Schools Outreach Organiser. "I was impressed by the creative ways the scientists found to communicate difficult information, including making a home-brew mass spectrometer out of clamps, some string and a household fan!"

Participants included:

From DGEM - Deena Leslie Pedrioli, Vikas Hegde, Dun Jack Fu, Louise Stanley

From MRC-PPU: Thimo Kurz, Patrick Pedrioli, Kshitiz Tyagi, Van Kelly, Kamila Chughtai, Stella Ritorto, Craig MacKay, and Anna Kelner 

From GRE: Katharina Schleicher