University of Dundee

Michele Tinti receives the first biennial Cheryll Tickle Prize for Cell and Developmental Biology

25 Feb 2014

This month (20 February 2014) Dr. Michele Tinti of the Division of Cell & Developmental Biology delivered the inaugural Cheryll Tickle Prize Lecture: "Evolution of signal multiplexing in the vertebrate animals".

Dr. Tinti was been awarded the first Cheryll Tickle Prize for Cell and Developmental Biology which aims to acknowledge the work of PhD students or Postdoctoral Fellows working in the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology. Dr. Tinti was awarded the biennial prize by worth £500 by Head of Division professor Kate Storey.

Dr. Tinti won the prize because of his discovery of a new cell signaling paradigm, which provides a unifying logic that helps explain the evolution of the vertebrate animals, their variety, and their regulatory disorders (Tinti et al., 2012). To make his model computationally accessible, Michele has further generated an interactive database named ANIA (Tinti et al., 2014). Michele has also used ANIA as a 'cipher' to unlock patterns in a huge datasets of somatic mutations in cancers that were released recently a development that holds great potential for future research in the field.

He said, “It was a terrific experience to receive the Cheryll Tickle Prize. I was honoured to deliver the lecture to an audience far more experienced than myself in developmental biology.  In particular I want to say thank you to the prize committee who acknowledged the hard work of my former laboratory on the importance of ohnologue families in human signalling and diseases. This prize is great encouragement for my future career, which I can only hope will follow the same brilliant trajectory as that of Professor Cheryll Tickle.”