University of Dundee

Vicky Cowling receives Lister Prize Medal (pictured with Sir Alex Markham and Dr Trevor Hince of the Lister Institute)

05 Mar 2013

Dr. Vicky Cowling of the MRC-PPU yesterday (Monday, 4 March 2013) delivered her Lister Prize Lecture on ‘Investigating mRNA methyl cap regulation’. After the ceremony she was awarded the Lister Prize Medal by the the Chairman of the Lister Institute, Sir Alex Markham. Institute Director, Dr Trevor Hince also attended the talk and ceremony.

Dr Victoria Cowling, was awarded one of three highly coveted Lister Research Prizes for 2011.  Awarded by the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, the prizes give young scientists the opportunity to develop their potential as scientists by awarding them £200,000 in flexible funding over a five-year period.

Sir Alex said that he was delighted that the Lister was able to present these significant awards to early career researchers of promise such as Vicky and that he felt pride in the way that Dundee has blossomed as a centre of excellence in Life Sciences in the past few years.

Professors Tomo Tanaka and Daan van Aalten, two previous winners of the Award, were among those who attended the talk.