University of Dundee

Two Awards for Anatomy Teachers

29 Feb 2008

Two awards for College of Life Sciences teachers for undergraduate clinical teaching

The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, at the College of Life Sciences University of Dundee received two awards yesterday from the University’s Faculty of Medical Educators.

The department was recognised for its enthusiasm, commitment and encouragement towards undergraduate clinical teaching and Dr Stella Mitchell received an independent teaching award.

The Award includes a small education enhancement bursary from and is given to the department in each institution, which demonstrates excellence in medical teaching.

Dr. Roger Soames, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the College of Life Sciences, said, ‘I believe, this award reflects the importance which educators and students at the School of Medicine place on the teaching of anatomy; it is a tribute to the commitment and diligence of all the teaching staff involved.’

Prof. Sue Black is the Director of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification and Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology, at the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee. She said, 'The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification is honoured to be recognised for its commitment to medical education by the Faculty of Medical Educators.

'Anatomy has always been a significant contributor to the foundation disciplines of Medicine and Dentistry and that tradition is actively upheld by Dundee. The enthusiasm and ingenuity of our teaching staff ensures that anatomy is as relevant to medicine today as it was 500 years ago.'

Prof. Black and her team have an international reputation in the field of human anatomy and forensic anthropology.

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