University of Dundee

TSM Server Relocation - Complete

23 Aug 2010

TSM Server instances now up and running and are being released back to production.
Thanks for watching :)

OSPF work completed OK and verified functional TSM instances. Primary TSM DB and Log volumes set to Ninewells DS34. Network ACLs being loaded and then final reboot.

Server booted and FC connectivety OK.
Porting the OSPF config to the 6500 in TMRC.

Arrived on site and reracked server.

As part of our enhanced Disaster Recovery work we are relocating one of our TSM servers to Ninewells to join the existing Tape Library and storage array.

During this period there will be no TSM_ICS or TSMA Library Manager TSM server instances available however this will not affect HSM or Archive recovery operations as they rely on the City Campus Library located inside the JBC.