University of Dundee

Transformation: be among the first to share the new vision for the transformation of the University of Dundee, MSI Large Lecture Theatre, 16 October at 3pm

15 Oct 2012

TRANSFORMATION: a new vision for the University of Dundee 

MSI Large Lecture Theatre, 16 October, 3- 4 pm

Pete Downes the University Principal has been working to  develop and build an exciting new vision for the University of Dundee for the next 25 years. Pete has looked at the core purpose of the University, why we're here, our values, how we do things and how we behave; and we've set ourselves a challenging and ambitious goal for the future.  This will underpin everything we do and we will need to work together if we are to achieve this. 

Tomorrow at 3-4 pm, in the MSI Large Lecture Theatre, Pete will talk about his vision. Please do make the time to come along and engage with him about his ideas. It is our University and it will be what we make of it!