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Third Alumnus PhD Studentship announced

27 Oct 2010

Third Alumnus PhD Studentship announced

Thanks to the generous, continuing donations of our alumni, we have been able to fund our third Alumnus PhD Studentship, awarded this year to Guy Wiedermann.

Guy came to Dundee having graduated with an undergraduate Masters in Biology (MBiol) from the University of Bath. He spent the third year of the course on placement at Florida State University as a researcher for Dr. David Gilbert, gaining practical experience in molecular biology by studying replication timing, chromatin dynamics and transcriptional regulation during mammalian cell differentiation. He joined Kim Dale’s laboratory on 13th September 2010, beginning his PhD project investigating the mechanism regulating pace control of the vertebrate segmentation clock. 

The first alumni studentship was awarded to Bruno Fonseca who did his PhD at CLS with Chris Proud and is now a Postdoc in the lab of Dr Nahum Sonenberg at McGill University, Montreal. Dr. Sonenberg is the world leader in the field of mRNA translation and its control.

The second alumni studentship was awarded to Helge Dorfmueller who did his PhD in Daan van Aalten's laboratory. Dr. Dorfmuller was recently awarded the prestigious Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship to investigate the mechanism and inhibition of chitin synthesis. 

The Alumnus Studentship Scheme is the brainchild of Prof. Sir Philip Cohen who initiated the scheme and raised the money to fund the doctoral research of exceptional candidates.  

If you or any of your Divisional Alumni would like to make a contribution to the Alumnus Studentship Scheme or find out more about the fund, please contact:

Sarah Hussain at or
Karen Pope at