University of Dundee

"Something very special is taking place in Dundee": Dundee lauded as "extraordinary" life sciences hub in The Lancet

15 May 2012

Life sciences researchers in Dundee are being held up as pioneers of the research and innovation that is making the city "a life sciences hub dedicated to exhilarating research and extraordinary impact." In his column in The Lancet (Vol 379, May 12, 2012), Offline, Richard Horton names names, and is not shy in his praise for the University:


“Something very special is taking place in Dundee. At Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, John Connell (Vice-Principal) has created an unusually energetic environment for medical education. Jean Ker's Clinical Skills Centre is the leading European example of scenario simulation to improve patient safety. Andrew Morris (Scotland's new chief scientist) has created a scalable informatics and analytics driven diabetes programme that is saving limbs and vision, not only in and around Dundee but also in Kuwait. Mike Ferguson (Dean of Research) and Alan Fairlamb (Professor of Biochemistry) lead a drug discovery unit for parasitology that has torn down disciplinary walls to put chemists next to biologists, industry scientists beside academics. The result is a portfolio of promising new medicines for malaria, trypanosomiasis, and other neglected tropical diseases. Sara Marshall is reinvigorating careers in academic medicine through inspirational mentorship. Jon Dowell is reinventing the meaning and purpose of the student elective. And medical students have just published the first issue of the Scottish Universities Medical Journal (“the medical journal for students, made by students”). It is no surprise that Dundee was recently voted the best university experience by UK students. The city is a life sciences hub dedicated to exhilarating research and extraordinary impact. London has a great deal to learn from its Scottish neighbour.”