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Professor Richard Flavell CBE to deliver the 2013 Distinguished Lecture in Plant Sciences: 11am, Friday 28 June, Small Lecture Theatre

27 Jun 2013

On the 28th June at 11 am in the Small Lecture Theatre, Professor Richard Flavell will give the Annual James Hutton Institute/College of Life Sciences Distinguished Lecturer in Plant Sciences seminar. He is an eminent plant molecular biologist and his talk will be excellent.

Professor Richard B. Flavell CBEFRS was one of the first plant molecular biologists in the UK, establishing his lab at the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge. He was Director of the John Innes Centre from 1987 to 1998 and made a significant contribution to the development of plant/crop molecular science in the UK.  In 1998, he moved to Ceres, Inc (an agricultural biotechnology company based in California, USA) as Chief Scientific Officer. He established technology platforms in genomics to identify genes for useful traits and getting them into commercial breeding/selection programmes.  He is currently Chief Scientific Advisor to Ceres acting as a consultant on commercial bioenergy crops.

Professor Mike Ferguson, Dean of Research at the College of Life Sciences said, "This is a great example of science with impact - if we do not use science to solve food and energy security (in the wake of climate change and population explosion) we are sunk as a species. Understanding and manipulating key genetic traits in crop and bioenergy plants is absolutely central to our survival - this is a great opportunity to learn about it from one of the world's leading experts."

Invitation to attend the Annual James Hutton Institute/College of Life Sciences

Distinguished Lecture in Plant Sciences

by Professor Richard Flavell

"Genetic Discoveries for Breakthrough Traits in Crops"

Friday 28 June 2013

Small Lecture Theatre, MSI Building, University of Dundee

Seminar begins at 11.00am

 Followed by refreshments in the WTB Atrium

Everyone Welcome!