University of Dundee

Professor Angela Belcher delivers the 2013 Peter Garland Lecture: 4pm, Wednesday 15 May, Large Lecture Theatre (MSI)

14 May 2013

Professor Angela Belcher from MIT will be delivering the 2013 Peter Garland Lecture entitled, 'Genetically engineering new materials for energy, the environment and medicine', on Wednesday 15 May at 4pm in the Large Lecture Theatre (MSI).

Angela Belcher is the W. M. Keck Professor of Energy in Materials Science and Engineering and Biological Engineering at MIT. She is a materials chemist with expertise in the fields of biomaterials, biomolecular materials, organic-inorganic interfaces and solid-state chemistry.

The focus of Professor Belcher’s research is understanding and using the process by which nature makes materials in order to design novel hybrid organic-inorganic electronic and magnetic materials on new length scales. She then uses these materials in applications as varied as solar cells, batteries, medical diagnostics and basic single molecule interactions related to disease. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and brings together the fields of inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and electrical engineering. 

Angela Belcher is an outstanding and entertaining speaker; among her many awards, she received the 2010 Eni Prize for Renewable & Non-conventional Energy and was named in the Rolling Stone magazine as one of “100 people who are changing America” and in Time Magazine as a “Hero of Climate Change”. 

The Peter Garland Lecture is the College of Life Sciences' most prestigious lecture series this year we are delighted to have Peter Garland himself attending the talk named in his honourPeter Garland was the first Professor of Biochemistry in Dundee and under his leadership from 1970-1984 it became the UK’s strongest life sciences department.

This year’s lecture by Angela Belcher focuses on on bioengineering and its applications to energy, the environment and medicine. 

The talk will be followed by a wine reception in the WTB Atrium to which everyone is invited.