University of Dundee

Novartis Medal and Prize 2011

10 Mar 2010

It is a pleasure to announce that Angus Lamond has been awarded the 2011 Novartis Medal and Prize of the Biochemical Society in recognition of his seminal work on the structure and functional organisation of the nucleus of mammalian cells.

The Novartis Medal and Prize is awarded annually in recognition of contributions to the development of any branch of biochemistry. The award is for work carried out in the UK but is open to candidates of any nationality.

The recipient of the Prize receives the Novartis Medal and presents the Medal Lecture at a Society conference. The award was originally donated in 1964 by the Ciba Laboratories (later Ciba-Geigy).

The 2010 and 1991 Novartis Medals and Prizes were awarded to Grahame Hardie and Philip Cohen, respectively, bringing the Dundee grand total for this highly prestigious award to three.

Warm congratulations again to Angus.