University of Dundee

Major Gathering of International Life Scientists in Scotland

09 Jun 2010

Hundreds of researchers from Scotland’s internationally renowned Life Sciences sector will gather in St Andrews this week for the annual research symposium of the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Association (SULSA).

Dr. Kevin Read, Head of the Drug Metabolism and Pharmaco Kinetics group (Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery) and Dr. Mikael Bjorkland, Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow and Lecturer (Division of Molecular Physiology) will represent the College of Life Sciences and the University of Dundee, as invited speakers on Cell, Systems and Translational Biology.

Joining them will be scientists from around the world, including leading investigators from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Universities of Yale, Texas, Oxford and Groningen.

“The SULSA research symposium is an outstanding forum for exchange of the latest Life Sciences research taking place both in Scotland and indeed around the world. We look forward to an exciting day of science presentations from our invited speakers, PhD students and technologists,” said Professor Mike Tyres, Director of SULSA.

This year’s symposium takes place at the University of St Andrews on Thursday June 10th.

Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) was established in 2007 as a research pooling partnership between the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde that is supported by the Scottish Funding Council.

SULSA aims to maintain and advance Scotland’s global position in the Life Sciences by recruiting international research leaders, funding world-class research facilities, supporting collaborative PhD studentships and hosting events such as the research symposium.

SULSA’s initial investments are focused on the three broad but interrelated research themes of cell biology, systems biology and translational biology.