University of Dundee

'Dundee' one of the top ten places to work in Europe

09 Apr 2009

'Dundee' one of the top ten places to work in Europe

The University has again been rated as one of the best places in the world to work for post-doctoral researchers.

The annual poll published in The Scientist magazine ranks Dundee as the top UK institution and the fourth-best international (outside of the USA) institution, behind the Max Plank Institute in Germany, the University of Copenhagen and the University Medical Center in Utrecht.

Professor Pete Downes, Acting Principal of the University, said:

"This is another excellent result for the University and it is a sign of Dundee's reputation internationally that we continue to figure very highly in these polls. We welcome post-doctoral researchers to Dundee from all around the world and we work very hard to make them feel at home and to help them develop their talents as young scientists.

"Among the factors which contribute to our good rankings are state of the art facilities, comparable with anywhere in the world; a commitment to sharing facilities and expertise especially as a means of developing the talents of young scientists; a culture of interdisciplinary working; pride in being part of a world-leading institution and its role in the region; a wide range of nationalities; and the high quality of life available in Dundee."