University of Dundee

The College of Life Sciences recognises extraordinary research and public engagement activity in its Annual Awards

24 Jan 2012

Every year the Dean of Research at the College of Life Sciences recognises the achievement of scientists in research, public engagement and impact through a number of awards. This year’s awards are as follows:

The Howard Elder Prize

Dr Kumara Dissanayake (MacKintosh Lab)for his discovery ‘Erk/p90RSK/14-3-3 signalling impacts on expression of PEA3 Ets transcription factors via capicúa’

This paper is currently 4th on the most read list of the Biochemical Journal papers for 2011.

Many thanks to our judges: Steve Keyes, John Hayes and Paul Clarke 


The Brian Cox Award for Public Engagement

Senior Investigator Award

Dr. Carol MacKintosh

For an exhaustive range of public engagement activities including Open Doors Days, Dundee Science Festival and RSE Masterclasses.

Early Career Researcher(s) Award

Helen Woodroof, Anne Seifert and Amy Gerc

Co–chairs of the Organising Committee

Open Doors Day 2011


This year the University also presented a new annual award: The Stephen Fry Award for Public Engagement, which went to the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification.

The Tim Hunt Prize for Cell Biology was presented in the summer of 2011 to Dr Shuai Chen (MacKintosh Lab) for his work on complementary roles of AS160 and TBC1D1 in regulating glucose uptake into muscle in response to insulin and energy stress, by Professor Tim Hunt himself.


The winner of the Innovator of the Year Award for 2012 will be presented at this year’s College Symposium at Crieff.