University of Dundee

Collaboration and an international research community make Dundee one of The Scientist magazine’s Best Places to work in Academia 2011

06 Jul 2011

The University of Dundee has again been voted one of the best places to work in Life Sciences in Academia outside the US. According to the annual survey the University of Dundee is the top-rated place to work in the UK; Dundee came 6th in the overall international poll ahead of St. Andrews and Liverpool (9th and 10th respectively).

"We're a high-powered research environment in a low-pressure living environment," said Professor Mike Ferguson, Dean of Research at the College of Life Sciences, which enjoys an international reputation for research excellence.

It is the second year in a row that the College of Life sciences at the University has been identified as the best place in the UK for scientists to work, and it has been a regular feature in the list of top 10 international institutions since the survey was launched nine years ago.

Both the University of Dundee and the top US institute, the J. David Gladstone Institute in San Francisco, have built their laboratories in an open-plan style in order to increase the cross-fertilisation of scientific research. This was identified as a key feature of successful institutions in the survey findings.

"Collaboration was a recurring theme among this year's top-ranked institutions," said The Scientist editor Jef Akst. "It's clear that scientists value the accessibility of fruitful partnerships to enhance their research."

Professor Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee, praised the staff who helped create this atmosphere and bolster Dundee's reputation as a leading scientific research institution.

"Once again, our international reputation has been recognised in this poll, and what makes this particularly pleasing is that it gathers the views of academics working in major research institutions across the world.

"There are few institutions who have been as successful as Dundee in this survey since it began and, year after year, we have been identified as one of the best places in the world for academics to work. 

'We continue to attract people from all over the world to come and work in Dundee, where they join an extremely strong research base at the University. We are an international centre of excellence in life sciences and medical research and our reputation as such has once again been reflected in this year's poll."