University of Dundee

Bayan Soujeri wins Dean’s Medal 2013

29 Apr 2013

Congratulations to Bayan Soujeri on winning the Dean’s Medal for Enterprise and Entrepreneurshipfor 2013.

Bayan was nominated as the best performing student from the School in the activities and programmes offered at The Enterprise Gym and his outstanding performance, both as an individual and as part of a team participating in The Discovery Challenge Business Plan Competition, earned him the award.

Bayan also earned a “Full Blue” for his enthusiastic engagement in the 7 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Training Workshops, the Lions’ Den and his successful completion of the 11-session online Enterprise and Entrepreneurship module.The judges deemed that he had “distinguished himself as having fully supported the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship in taking advantage of the networking opportunities.”

Along with colleagues, Bayan also developed “Le Cure”, a café-based idea where students can relax after a late night of studying. Le Cure was well placed in both the Discovery Challenge (Business Plan) Competition and the Lions’ Den where they just missed out on an award.

The Enterprise Gym confirmed that in 2012-13 there were an incredible 17 students from the School eligible to be considered for the Dean's Medal.  This was a remarkable number of entries and easily the best improvement in uptake from any one School.