University of Dundee

Alan Fairlamb elected to the Council of the Academy of the Medical Sciences

30 Dec 2010

Professor Alan Fairlamb, head of the Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery at the Collge of Life Sciences has been elected to the Council of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Professor Fairlamb has been a Fellow of the Academy since 2005; his Council post will take effect after the Academy’s AGM today, Thursday 18 November 2010. As a part of his Council duties Professor Fairlamb will attend all Academy Council meetings and the admission ceremony for New Fellows.

Professor Fairlamb said, I look forward to actively promoting translational research particularly in the area of neglected tropical diseases and other unmet medical needs.”

The Academy relies for its success on the full engagement and support of its Council members and the College wishes to congratulate Professor Fairlamb for his election to this important and influential post at a critical time for funding and policy-making in the medical sciences.