University of Dundee

Societal Impact

Our research has far-reaching impact on government, health and legal policy. Our forensic scientists are at forefront of research-based evidence in legal cases, which have pushed the boundaries of forensic investigation and jurisprudence and in the identification of the victims of human conflict and natural disasters. Our research into bacterial toxins has led to changes in the policy for the protection of water resources by UK environmental agencies, UNESCO and the WHO.

Our researchers are committed to ensuring that government policy and international development initiatives, as well as commercial and public interest, applies our research and institutional expertise to safeguard:

  • global food security
  • sustainable energy
  • technological innovation
  • economic growth

Outside the lab the our scientists serve on a number of funding committees, strategy boards and advisory groups to guide policy makers towards effective and strategic policy-making and ensure that good governance is informed by research excellence.

We have a dedicated programme of engaging with Civil Society Groups, Non-Government Organisations, Patient Groups to raise awareness and develop a shared understanding of our research impact in a two-way stakeholder engagement that informs the direction of our research and shapes public discourse.