University of Dundee

Schools Outreach

University of Dundee School of Life Sciences schools outreach aims to support Scotland's schools and their delivery of outcomes and aims around science, topical and ethical issues, careers, and interdisciplinary learning.

The School provides a range of activities for schools including RSE Masterclasses and the Higher Biology Symposium. We can also arrange access to a variety of techniques such as gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, IR and NMR spectroscopy. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to provisionally book any of the events for your classes or to suggest further activities.

School visits

Whether it’s bringing a school class in to tour the state of the art facilities of the School or organising a visit from a research scientist, SLS is keen to encourage interaction between students and scientists. Some of our past visits include:

  • A visit from Higher Biology pupils from Anderson High School on the Shetland Isles, complete with tour of the Drug Discovery Unit
  • Participation in Braeview Academy's 'Science Day', including a Speed Science event for S5-6 pupils
  • Introductory Microscopy sessions with S1 pupils from Grove Academy, exploring everything from fingerprints and hair to live Drosophila
  • A fun-filled visit to Blackness Primary complete with hands-on experiments all about water.

Visits can be linked to CfE areas such as Body Systems and Cells, Inheritance, and Topical Science.


FlexiLab is a School of Life Sciences initiative which aims to share our research and resources with you, the public and help people of all ages discover the wonders of science. We can bring our research to you or set up a lab including equipment such as portable fluorescence microscopes and a simple-to-use FlashGel system for electrophoresis.

Find out more or book a visit

For more information or to request a visit please contact Erin Hardee, Schools Outreach coordinator, at or +44 (0)1382 386 460.


The School takes part in a number of events for schools each year in order to enthuse and motivate people about the world of science. From festivals to participation in National Science and Engineering week, the School brings interactive, inspiring talks and activities to young people all across Scotland.

  • Magnificent Microbes, a multidisciplinary event for P7 pupils in partnership with the Dundee Science Centre exploring the world of microorganisms
  • National Science and Engineering Week
  • Dundee Science Festival
  • Dundee Women in Science Festival

For more information please contact Erin Hardee, Schools Outreach Organiser, at or +44 (0)1382 386 460.