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Yili Yin

Email: y.yin@dundee.ac.uk

Yili joined the lab in October 2007 as a post doctorial research fellow funded by CRUK. She is currently trying to identify new factors involved in sumolytion-dependent transcription repression by screening siRNA and also investigating the role of SUMOlytion in stress responses in human cells.

Yili qualified as a medical doctor in China and attained Consultant Physician status working as a Gerontologist in Beijing. She was awarded a PhD in 2004 for research on ‘The N-terminal sequences in EBV-EBNA1 and p53 regulate protein synthesis and proteasomal degradation’ in School of Life Sciences, Dundee. She then moved on to the post of post doctoral researcher in Professor Tickle’s lab exploring the mechanism of Sonic Hedgehog (shh) pathway using a chick mutant as a model system. This work has identified a new component of shh, talpid3 and investigated its functions.


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