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Federico Pelisch
Federico Pelisch

Email: f.pelisch@dundee.ac.uk

I am originally from Buenos AIres, Argentina. I worked in the RNA field (alternative pre-mRNA processing) for almost 10 years before my interest shifted to protein research, specifically post-translational modifications. I obtained my PhD from the University of Buenos Aires in 2010 and I was recently appointed Researcher of the Argentinean Research Council (CONICET). I obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship to study the role of SUMO conjugation in the DNA damage response using C. elegans as a model system in Ron's lab. This is being done together with the Anton Gartner, an expert in the C. elegans DNA damage response. I plan to characterize the SMO-1 (C. elegans SUMO ortholog) proteome using mass spectrometry (MS). Dynamic changes in the SMO-1 proteome in response DNA damage as well as tissue-specific SMO-1 sub-proteomes will be assessed taking advantage of the recently developed SILAN (stable isotope labeling with amino acids in nematodes) technique.


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