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Welcome to the Hay Lab SUMO conjugate Database Domain

The Ron Hay group at the University of Dundee has developed techniques for the high stringency purification of SUMO conjugates from human cells in culture. The use of these methods in combination with high accuracy mass spectrometric analyses has allowed the identification of in the region of 800 putative SUMO substrates to date. A number of these have already been validated in the scientific literature.
Together with the application of SILAC quantitative proteomic techniques, these methods have been used to monitor changes in the SUMO modification of substrates under a number of different cellular stimuli and treatments. This page allows you to search these databases for proteins you suspect or know to be modified by SUMO and returns details of their SUMOylation and how this changes under the different conditions studied. Simply provide a search term as indicated, choose an experiment and a table will be returned containing any information that matches that search term. These data can be exported by highlighting the table and copying from your browser. Experimental details are provided on the results page in addition to links to the publications (link to page for publications) in which the whole experiment is described. The full datasets for each experiment are also available for download here ( TAP-SUMO-2 Heatshock ,TAP-SUMO-2 heatshock and recovery,TAP-SUMO-2 MG132,diGly-SUMO-sites).

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us directly.


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