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Adel Ibrahim
Adel Ibrahim

Email: A.F.Ibrahim@dundee.ac.uk

Adel was born in England, grew up in the Sudan and obtained his primary and secondary school education in the Sudan and Yemen. He graduated with a BSc in Genetics from the Ain-Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, and worked as a research assistant in agricultural Microbiology in South Yemen before studying for his Master’s and PhD degrees at the Martin-Luther University in Halle (Saale), Germany, working on the genetics of homeologous chromosome pairing in wheat and the initiation of DNA replication in higher plant chloroplasts, respectively.

Following postdoctoral positions at the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI) in Dundee, where he worked on the regulation of pre-mRNA splicing in higher plants and the development of high-throughput gene expression profiling technologies, Adel joined the College of Life Sciences at Dundee in 2005 as a member of a molecular cloning service team and in 2009 he took up his current position as a postdoctoral researcher working under Ron Hay’s supervision in the siRNA screening team at the Scottish Institute for Cell Signaling (SCILLS).



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