University of Dundee

Labs and People

Current Members of the lab

David Lilley
Tim Wilson
Anne-Cécile Déclais
Alasdair Freeman
Scott McPhee
Yijin Liu 刘艺锦
Lin Huang 黄林
Jia Wang 王佳
Tomáš Fessl

Peter Daldrop's last day in the lab 01/02/13. (from left to right) David Lilley, Tim Wilson, Yijin Liu, Anne-Cécile Déclais, Peter Daldrop, Lin Huang, Jia Wang, Alasdair Freeman, Tomáš Fessl, Scott McPhee

Kersten Schroeder's last day. (from left to right) Ehrmann Sözüdoğru, Flora Keppie, Tim Wilson, Jia Wang, Kersten Schroeder, Lin Huang, Stephanie Kath-Schorr, Jay McPhee, Scott McPhee, Anne-Cécile Déclais.

Peter Daldrop and Kersten Schroeder in front of the X-ray generator and diffractometer.

Stephanie Kath-Schorr using the phase and modulation fluorimeter.

Tomáš Fessl using the TIR single-molecule microscope.

Tim Wilson and David Lilley with a cake to mark the acceptance of a VS ribozyme paper. The icing depicts the pH dependence of cleavage rates of PS and PO substrate

Kersten Schroeder and Jia Wang (王佳) on one of the single-molecule microscopes.

Yijin Liu (刘艺锦)

Lin Huang (黄林)

David Lilley on the ski slopes of Breckenridge CO.

Scott McPhee

General view of laboratory

Anne-Cécile Déclais purifying a protein

Quench-flow rapid mixer used for enzyme and ribozyme kinetic measurements

Jia (Sophie) Liu (刘佳) working at her bench (2005)

Automated synthesizers for the chemical synthesis of DNA and RNA (we operate five synthesizers in total).

Former Postdoc Carlos Penedo aligning the TIR single-molecule FRET microscope

Tim Wilson with Michelle Nahas who was on a collaborative visit from the University of Illinois in Urbana. (2005)

Ben Turner with the time-resolved fluorimeter

Alasdair Freeman working in one of the lab offices

A lab meeting ; L to R, back row Carlos Penedo, David Lilley, Tim Wilson, John Zhao, Richard Ward, front row Asif Iqbal, Ulo Maivali, Jo Ouellet and Kaera Jarvie. (2005)

Morning coffee; L to R, back row Jo Ouellet, Ben Turner, David Lilley, Carlos Penedo, John Zhao, Sophie Liu, front row Tim Wilson, Anne-Cécile Déclais, Aladair Freeman and Kaera Jarvie. (2005)

David Lilley running a 10 k road race on behalf of Cancer Research-UK in 2004. This picture was taken at the half-way stage - still going up-hill !

An international conference on RNA Catalysis and Ribozymes was held in Dundee in 2002. This picture shows (L to R) David Lilley, Tom Cech and Fritz Eckstein at the opening reception in the University Botanic Garden.

A session at the RNA Catalysis and Ribozymes conference in Dundee 2002.