The Diaspora

The Diaspora

  • Maxim Tsenkov

    Maxim was a Wellcome Rotation student working with us on nanopore sequencing. Maxim is now continuing his PhD working with Geoff Barton and Daan van Alten here in Dundee.

  • Dr Kimon Froussios

    Kimon's first degree (hons) in Biology and MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Athens, Greece
    He moved into genomics for his PhD at King's College London. Kimon worked on the statistical properties of Arabidopsis RNA-Seq data as part of a BBSRC funded collaboration with Geoff Barton's group.

  • Dr Radoslav Lukoszek

     Radek received his PhD in Arabidopsis RNA biology at the University of Potsdam, Germany. Radek worked as a post-doc on our RNA sequencing projects. radek is currently a post-doc in Vicky Cowling's group here in Dundee

  • Mathew Jones

    Mathew is a Wellcome Trust PhD student who carried out a rotation project in the lab. Mathew graduated from the University of St Andrews where he studied Biomolecular Science. Mathew is continuing his PhD in Bill Hunter's group here in Dundee.

  • Nadine Sommer

    Nadine joined us as an ERASMUS student. Nadine had previoulsy worked at the Max Planck Institute for Immunology and Epigenetics, Freiburg, Germany. On the recommendation of Stephen Holland, our first summer student who now works at the Max Planck Institute, Nadine asked to join our lab.  Nadine will return to Dundee to join VIcky Cowling's lab for her second lab project to complete her degree.

  • Oliver Knowles

    Oliver completed his honours research project with us in 2016. 

  • Sophie Brown

    Sophie joined the GRE Summer School in 2016 and worked closely with Anya for her research project on the RNA binding protein FPA. Sophie returned to Cambridge University to continue her degree in the Biochemistry Department. In 2017 Sophie joined The Crick in London for more research experience.

  • Rajas Shinde

    Rajas Shinde carried out a research project in the lab in 2016. Rajas came to us from St Xavier's College, Mumbai, India.

  • Sally Myles

    Sally carried out her honours research project with us in 2015 (following her starring role in the film Sunset Song). Sally then took up a research assistant position at Dundee University and is now studying for a PhD in Piers Hemesley's lab in Plant Sciences at Dundee University. 

  • Olga Schmidt

    Olga, from Bielefeld University, Germany, carried out her Erasmus exchange studies with us in 2015, before returning to Germany to complete her degree.

  • Matthew Reid

    An honours student, Matt won the Best Poster Prize for his research project in our lab in 2014 and went on to graduate with a very well deserved First Class degree. Matthew now has a position at The James Hutton Institute.

  • Vasiliki Zacharaki

    Vicky came from Greece with a Masters degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and trained in Paris before joining us. Vicky defended her PhD in 2014 and graduated in 2015. Vicky went on to join Markus Schmid's lab in Sweden as a post-doc.

  • Katarzyna Krowicka

    Kasia was an Erasmus-funded student from Silesia University, Poland, who joined the lab in the Summer of 2014. Kasia went on to complete a Masters degree in miRNAs and joined Dorothee Staiger's lab in Germany to study for her PhD.

  • Christy Paterson

    Christy won a Sir James Black Prize studentship to study in the lab over the summer of 2014 and went on to the rest of his undergraduate degree at Dundee University. Christy now has a position at The James Hutton Institute.

  • Samir Watson

    Samir first carried out his honours research project in our lab, then we recruited him as a research assistant, where he worked very closely with Céline and Vicky. Samir went on to win a place on Glasgow University's MRes Biomedical Sciences course, then studied for a PhD at Edinburgh University.

  • Emily Lishak

    Emily was a BBSRC-funded graduate student from 2010.

  • Ann-Charlott Schneider

    Ann-Charlott joined us from Bonn, Germany to complete her honours research project. Ann-Charlott graduated with an honours degree in Molecular Genetics and went on to a Master's programme in Cologne. Ann-Charlott is now a PhD student at the University of Cologne, Germany.

  • Jennifer Grant

    Jennifer joined us from the NIMR Mill Hill, London and moved on to another Post-Doc position at Ninewell Hospital, Dundee.

  • Céline Duc

    Celine worked as a Post-Doc on a BBSRC-funded study on alternative polyadenylation in collaboration with Geoff Barton's team. Céline's breakthroughs were published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2012) and in PLOS Genetics (2013). Céline returned to France and is now an Associate Professor at the University of Nantes.

  • Sasha Sherstnev

    Sasha was a computational biologist working in Geoff Barton's group as part of a BBSRC-funded collaboration on alternative polyadenylation. Coming from a background in physics Sasha made fantastic contributions to our single molecule direct RNA sequencing studies, including our first paper in this area published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2012). Sasha joined Glaxo SmithKline as a bioinformaticist.

  • Georgei Yanev

    Georgei won a James Black Prize vacation studentship to get first hand lab experience in the Summer of 2012

  • Namrata Reetoo

    From Mauritius, Namrata was funded by a Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award to outstanding students from developing countries, as part of a collaboration with Professor Carol MacKintosh. After graduating, Namrata went on to work in Carol's lab as a Post-Doc.

  • Pauline Verdier

    Pauline completed her Masters Research Project in our Lab before returning to Universite Blaise Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand, France, and going on to study Medicine.

  • Sirja Yli-Seppanen

    Sirja was from Finland and completed her undergraduate research project in our lab. Sirja graduated with an Honour's degree in Molecular Genetics in 2011.

  • Yuguo Xiao

    Yuguo, from China, was a Post-Doc on the GCEP collaboration with Claire Halpin's lab. Yuguo first discovered the cse mutant in our lab (Science, 2013) then moved to a Post-Doc position in Minnesota, USA.

  • Kirsty Graham

    Kirsty was a graduate from Dundee University who worked on the GCEP collaboration with Claire Halpin's lab. Kirsty went on to win a PhD place at Northumbria University.

  • Csaba Hornyik

    Csaba joined us after obtaining his PhD for studies in RNA silencing in Josef Burgyan's lab and having won an EU Marie Curie Fellowship to come to SCRI. Csaba uncovered a role for FPA in regulating RNA 3' end formation published in Developmental Cell (2010) and won the Massalski Prize 2010 (for the best scientist under the age of 36 working at SCRI). Csaba now has an independent position within SCRI (The James Hutton Institute) studying potato development, see Csaba's home page here.

  • Marie Durand

    Marie studied in our lab in 2010 as part of her Masters degree. She returned to Montpellier, France, to complete her degree and another research rotation.

  • Michael Skelly

    Michael, a graduate of Dundee University, worked as a technician on the lignin project that is a collaboration with Claire Halpin's lab. In 2010, Michael went on to start a PhD in Gary Loake's lab at Edinburgh University and then on to a post-doc position in Steven Spoel's lab, also in Edinburgh.

  • Lionel Terzi

    Lionel was our first post-doc funded on our first BBSRC grant in Dundee. Lionel developed a method to isolate intact RNA-protein complexes from plant cells (Plant J) and worked closely with Csaba to make the first breakthroughs on FPA function (Developmental Cell). Lionel returned to his native Switzerland to take up a position in a pharmaceutical company.

  • Jacqui Marshall

    Jacqui was a technician from 2006-2009 and went on to another technician position in Plant Sciences at Dundee University.

  • Lang Dou

    Lang carried out his honours research project in our lab and graduated with an honours degree in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology in 2009. Lang then won a place on the Immunology MSc course at Imperial College, London.

  • Saira Ashraf

    Saira won a Carnegie Trust Fellowship to study in our lab in the summer of 2008. Saira then graduated with an honours degree in Biochemistry in 2009 and went on to work for a local biotech company here in Dundee.

  • Stephen Holland

    After winning a Genetics Society Fellowship to study in our lab over the summer vacation of 2006, Stephen went on to the Wellcome Trust PhD Program at Imperial College, London and is currently a post-doc at the Max Planck Institute for Immunology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, Germany.

  • Will Brockie

    Our first student, Will graduated with an honours degree in Molecular Genetics in 2006 and returned to the family farm in the Scottish Borders.