Current Members

  • Gordon Simpson

    Gordon is Professor of Molecular Genetics in the School of Life Sciences (SLS) at Dundee University. His position is jointly funded by Dundee University and The James Hutton Institute (Gordon's SLS profile can be found here). Gordon is the Deputy Head of Plant Sciences at Dundee University and Gordon's lab is associated with The Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression. Here is Gordon's Discovery Lecture.

  • Dr Kasia Rataj

    Kasia did her Masters degree at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland and obtained her PhD in our lab studying FPA. She then worked on our GCEP-funded collaboration leading to key breakthroughs that led to the discovery of CSE (Science 2013) . Kasia is now focused on the hidden transcriptome.

  • Dr Anya Sherwood

    Anya is a post-doc studying RNA 3' end formation in the lab. Anya trained for her PhD in Tina Henkin's lab at Ohio State University (USA) where she characterised novel T-box riboswitches.

  • Dr Kasia Knop

    Kasia participates in our projects concerning RNA sequencing and analysis of mRNA-binding proteome in Arabidopsis thaliana. She obtained her PhD at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland) studying regulation of biogenesis of plant stress-responsive microRNAs. Kasia is funded by the National Science Centre, Poland.


Honorary Lab Member

  • Sandie Gray

    There from day 1, unpacking the very first PCR machine, and doing the first mutant screens in Arabidopsis and barley. Sandie is now the Lab Manager of Dundee University Division of Plant Sciences, but as she still looks after the lab, she is an honorary lab member.

Funded collaboration with Geoff Barton's Group

  • Dr Nick Schurch

    Non-coding Nick (also with a background in physics) is a post-doc based in Prof. Geoff Barton's group working on our BBSRC-funded collaboration on using direct RNA sequencing to identify non-coding RNAs.

  • Dr Kira Mourao

    Kira is a post-doc based in Prof. Geoff Barton’s group. With a background in maths and computer science, she is looking forward to applying her data analysis skills on our BBSRC-funded collaboration on using direct RNA sequencing to identify non-coding RNAs. Before moving to Dundee she worked on learning AI planning domain descriptions from robot-generated data, before then a PhD in Neuroinformatics, and back in the mists of time worked as a commercial software developer.