Communicating the science we do is a normal part of our role as scientists. Every year members of the lab take part in public engagement events that include School of Life Sciences Doors Open Day, James Hutton Institute Open Days, Dundee Botanic Garden Family Fun Days and Fascination of Plants Day.  Our lab has hosted schoolchildren experiencing life in the lab and we have spread our activities further afield, with Gordon speaking at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, for example. This is not something particular to our lab, but instead, a culture of outreach is widespread within the School of Life Sciences, Dundee. Consistent with this, Dundee University School of Life Sciences won the inaugural BBSRC Excellence with Impact Competition in 2011. You can read more about School of Life Sciences impact activities in this dedicated website.

Gordon was responsible for Impact activities within the Division of Plant Sciences as a whole until the end of 2015.  A key part of our strategy has been to make excellent links with Dundee Botanic Garden, and as a result we have collaborated on many public engagement activities. Our most recent project has been the development of a Genetics Garden. Opened in 2013, the Genetics Garden provides a sustainable display for us to illustrate how molecular genetics underpins our science. Gordon is a member of The Dundee Botanic Garden Advisory Group.

Gordon was also a partner in Dundee University's bid for the current BBSRC Excellence with Impact Competition.