Edgar Huitema

Division of Plant Sciences

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Julietta Jupe

Research Interests

During my studies of horticultural engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan, Germany, I got the first insights in plant pathogens, plant-microbe interactions and plant sciences in general. With an internship and writing my diploma-thesis at Koppert Biological Systems, I could deepen my knowledge in entomology and the biological pest management.

Edgar Huitema

Research Interests

My research aims to understand the processes that underpin Phytophthora virulence and epidemics. Pathogens are specialised microbes that dedicate vast repertoires of secreted proteins (effectors) to manipulate their host(s). Phytophthora spp secrete and translocated at least two effector classes.

Contact Us

Edgar Huitema, Senior Lecturer
Division of Plant Sciences
University of Dundee at SCRI
Errol Road, Invergowrie
Dundee DD2 5DA
Scotland, UK
Phone: +44 (0)1382-568921
Email: e.huitema(at)dundee.ac.uk


Recent Publications


  • Amaro, T. M. M. M, Thilliez, G. J. A., McLeod, R. A. and Huitema, E. Random mutagenesis screen provides new insights into PcCRN83_152 cell death and virulence function. Submitted. (corresponding author).
  • Cummins, M. and Huitema, E. (2017). Effector-decoy pairs: Another countermeasure emerging during host-microbe co-evolutionary armsraces?

Huitema Lab Funding

  • European Research Council (ERC) (2013-2017)
  • BBSRC (2011-2014, 2013-2016 (2))
  • Syngenta
  • British Society for Plant Pathology (2012, 2013)
  • The Royal Society (2010-2011)
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh (2009-2014)
  • University of Dundee, School of Life Sciences
  • University of Dundee, Division of Plant Sciences



Huitema Lab Research

Studies on the broad host range pathogen Phytophthora capsici

Considering the absence of resistant cultivars for all crop systems affected, the high level of genotypic diversity and sexual recombination in many field situations, P. capsici represents a unique pathogen threat to global food production. With a rapidly increasing host range, Phytophthora capsici embodies an oomycete worst-case scenario for crop production.



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