Edgar Huitema

Division of Plant Sciences

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Victor Martinez Heredia


My interest in plants and their interactions with the environment comes since long time ago, due to the long periods of time I spend in a small village where my family comes from. I was surrounded by nature that made me start wondering questions. Eventually that led me to study for a BSc in agricultural engineering in Valencia my home town. After I decided that I wanted to be more focussed on plants and I started my MSc on environmental sciences. This allowed me to work at the James Hutton institute in the ecological science group as temporary research technician, studying the role of the gen called DOG1 (delay of germination) in Shepherds purse or Capsella bursa-pastoris. There I was able to get the required experience in this field of science and specialized in molecular biology. A new opportunity came to me when I took the offer to work as a research technician in the Huitema Lab at the university of Dundee in March 2013. This position will give me the chance to gain knowledge in even more molecular biology techniques to study plants and their interactions with pathogens, especially Phytophthora capsici.

Research Technician