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Division of Plant Sciences

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Jasmine Pham

My career in the plant sciences began with me saying to my A-level biology teacher “plants are boring – why would anyone want to study them?” I soon realised that this was far from the truth and decided to specialise in plant sciences (in particular plant-microbe interactions) during the final year of my bachelor’s degree at Imperial College. I then went on to complete my Master’s degree at King’s College London where I studied the bacterial species present in the Arabidopsis phyllosphere under the supervision of Dr Ken Bruce and Dr Paul Devlin. After a stint at UCLH as a research assistant within the Windeyer Institute of Medical Sciences, my interests in the plant sciences were reaffirmed and I returned to Imperial College on a BBSRC-funded doctoral training programme. During this time, I studied the role of the Arabidopsis histidine kinase AHK5 in abiotic and biotic stress signalling in the laboratory of Dr Radhika Desikan and Professor John Mansfield. On completion of my PhD, I worked in Dr Colin Turnbull’s lab studying the feeding preferences of Aphids on cucurbits, after which I joined Dr Edgar Huitema’s lab at the UoD in February 2013. My current project is focused on identifying P. capsici transcriptional regulators that are important during biotrophy. As the newest member of this dynamic lab, it is a very exciting time for me and I am looking forward to all the challenges that lie ahead. Bring it on!

Jasmine Pham
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Plant Sciences