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Division of Plant Sciences

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Magdalena Delgado-Cerezo

I began to be interested in plants and their relationship with enviroment in my second year at university. In third year I studied plant physiology and then thought to myself that I wanted to dedicated my efforts to this subject. I was fascinated about how plants had adapted theirselves to enviroment challenges like weather extreme conditions or pathogens attack. How plants had learnt and learn day by day to defend theirselves from outdoor conditions. My experience in research started at the National Center of Biotechnology in Madrid with Dr. Pérez-Mellado where I did a Final Year Project. This little project consisted on over-express a chitinase enzyme belonging to Bacillus subtilus and characterize its broad spectrum antimicrobe activity. The idea was to create a kind of anti-fungal compound to use in the field but I hadn’t enough time to perform in planta assays. In 2007 I started my PhD in Dr. Antonio Molina’s lab at Agronomic School of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where I focused on characterize the function of the heterotrimeric G protein complex in plant immunity. Our pathosystem model consisted on Arabidopsis thaliana and the necrotrophic fungi Plectosphaerella cucumerina. This was such an interesting time where I got familiarized with a number of molecular techniques, plant pathogens handling and different aspects of plant fitness. Now in 2013, I am joining Huitema Lab for my first post-doc. Our global aim is to elucidate Phytophthora capsici effectors role and delivery control in plants to understand its virulence mechanisms. I feel highly motivated and will do my best to improve our understanding of how Phytophthora works. A great challenge for a new stage.

Magdalena Delgado-Cerezo
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Plant Sciences