Edgar Huitema

Division of Plant Sciences

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Tiago Amaro


Since I was a Kid, and due to the BBC wildlife programs, I wanted to be a Biologist. Later, my 
passion for biology evolved from loving the lion’s predator skills to loving the functioning of 
the cells so I did my BSc course in Cellular and Molecular Biology in the New University of 
 After that I moved to Scotland and took the MSc in Biotechnology course in the Glasgow 
University. During this course I began to be really interested in plant sciences namely in plant- 
pathogen interactions.  When my master finished, I returned to Portugal and joined a team in 
the ITQB (Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology) involved in the genetic 
characterization of Portuguese landraces of bean.  
I have recently joined the Huitema lab as a PhD student. My PhD aims broadly to improve our 
understanding of the mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions. More specifically, it targets 
the mode of action of Phytophthora capsici effectors and their role in the plant nucleus. 
Tiago Amaro
PhD student
Plant Sciences