Edgar Huitema

Division of Plant Sciences

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Lab Vacancies

ERC Funded 4-year PhD studentship: Rewiring the Nucleus Towards Plant Immunity (Oct 2013).

Project Description: Plant pathogens secrete an array of effector proteins into their host to subvert host immunity. Within the plant, effectors have been found to target specific subcellular compartments where they interfere with host processes implicated in defence and metabolism. The nucleus has emerged as a key target for a number of pathogen effectors and this organelle is thought to be a central hub where the fate of plant-microbe interactions is determined. We have identified effectors that specifically target the host nucleus. However, the precise activity of these effectors and the host processes they manipulate remain largely unknown. This ambitious 4-year Ph.D project will aim to dissect the events that are instigated in the host nucleus by Phytophthora capsici effectors. The successful candidate will use advanced proteomics,transcriptomics, protein biochemistry and functional analyses to identify nuclear effector activities towards their host targets in plants. For this prestigious project, we are therefore looking for an ambitious and highly motivated candidate with a background in molecular biology and proteomics as well as an interest in bioinformatics. The successful candidate will be independent and a team player who is willing to contribute to the Huitema Lab effort. Please contact us for further information.


The Huitema Lab is also interested in supporting you (a motivated and bright person who would like to further his/her career) in fellowship applications (subject to eligibility).

Please contact us for serious inquiries.