Edgar Huitema

Division of Plant Sciences

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Brian Rigney


I joined this lab team as part of my Mres project. I have a Bsc in biotechnology which I obtained from N.U.I.Galway. I was reared on an Irish dairy farm where at an early age I developed a keen interest in agriculture. But as I was going through school I found myself going down the path of science and when the time came for me to choose a possible career path I choose biotechnology. Not because of its potential in the world of science but because due to the fact that I could see it playing a big role in the progression of agriculture in the 21st century especially in food production. My project involves a new technology called HIGS; Host Induced Gene Silencing, a method used to confer gene silencing using the host as the instrument for inducing gene silencing. I'm going to silence the genes of EPIC 3 gene in P. Capsici and then lead into other genes important for the pathogen. This lab team and the project will take me to the next level into sustainable food. Who knows, I may even become to like it here and decide to leave the emerald isle. "Sin sin, nil aon sceal eile agam"


MRes student