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May 2014: Human serum RNAi screen published in PLoS Pathogens.

PLoS Pathogens press release “How some trypanosomes cause sleeping sickness while others don't”
LSHTM news “New insights into drug targets for sleeping sickness”
Wellcome Trust news “New insights into drug targets for sleeping sickness”

March 2013: Antigenic variation work published in PLoS Pathogens.

February 2013: Nicola awarded Ph.D. for work on drug resistance

September 2012: Dave promoted to Professor of Molecular Parasitology

June 2012: Drug cross-resistance work published in PNAS and featured in:

Wellcome Trust news

LSHTM news

Uni. of Glasgow news

June 2012: Sam Alsford awarded Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund Fellowship

January 2012: Drug resistance screens published in Nature.
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Also featured in:
Nature News & Views
LSHTM press release “Genetic screens bring new hope for tackling sleeping sickness”
Sanger Institute press release “Genetic screens bring new hope for tackling sleeping sickness”
Wellcome Trust news “Genetics study boosts search for better ways to treat human African trypanosomiasis”
New Scientist “Sleeping sickness tests may identify better therapies”
The Scientist “Interfering with resistance”
SciDev.Net “Sleeping sickness drug resistance mechanism identified”
Voice of America “Scientists develop tool to unmask sleeping sickness resistance”
BioWorld International “Scientists find ‘revolutionary’ technique to probe resistance”
Faculty of 1000

April 2011: Sam Alsford wins prize for best talk by a post-doc at Kinetoplast Molecular Cell Biology Meeting, Woods Hole, USA.

April 2011: High-throughput RIT-seq phenotyping work in Genome Research
Featured by:
Nature Biotechnology “RNAi phenotyping in trypanosomes”.
Nature Methods “Understanding sleeping sickness”.
Nature Reviews Microbiology “Genome sequencing gets func‑y”.
Faculty of 1000
Data available at Tritryp Database
Data incorporated into TDR Targets Database and iNTRODB (for drug-target prioritisation)

Summer 2008: Lucy Glover – Garnham award winner “best student to graduate that year”.

Current Funding:
The Wellcome Trust
The Medical Research Council

Editorial Boards:
PLoS Pathogens (Associate Editor)
Molecular Microbiology
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology

Member of Programme Committee
KMCBM in Wooods Hole, USA: 2013

Selected Invited Talks:

Nov: Atlanta, USA: ASTMH course
Nov: Royal Soc., London: Galton Inst. Conference
Sept: Arcachon, France: ParaMet annual meeting
Sept: Uni. Of Sussex: Soc. Gen. Microbiol. meeting
May: ZMBH, Heidelberg, Germany: DKFZ-ZMBH colloquium
Mar: Pasteur Institute: Paris
Feb: Bangkok, Thailand: British High Commission & EU: Antimicrobial resistance
Jan: Leysin, Switzerland: 30th Annual Swiss trypanosomatid meeting

Nov: Uni. of Kiel, Germany
Sep: Rockefeller Uni, USA: Symposium in honour of George Cross
Sep: LSHTM: Emerging paradigms in anti-infective drug design
Aug: CR-UK: Cambridge Research Institute: From phenotypes to pathways
July: Cambridge: Symposium in honour of George Cross
Jun: Rhode Island, USA: Gordon research conference
May: Universität Würzburg, Germany
Feb: Harvard School of Public Health. USA

May: López-Neyra Institute, Granada, Spain
Apr: Woods Hole, USA: Kinetoplast MCB conference
Mar: Oxford: RNAi 2011 conference
Jan: Cavli International Center: Royal. Soc. Subtelomere Meeting