"You have made your way from worm to man, and much within you is still a worm" (Nieztsche)

Open Positions

An image from our research

Research on C. elegans is a rapidly expanding field. Previous lab members already run independent groups in the field of C. elegans research and/ or DNA repair. Furthermore, C. elegans is also an excellent and cheap system to learn how to teach the principles of diploid genetics.

We are always looking for enthusiastic PhD students and Post Docs. The School of Life Sciences has multiple competitive PhD programs as well as a PhD program for Clinicians in conjunction with the Medical School. Many of these PhD programs allow for doing a PhD in our lab located in the Centre for Gene Expression and Regulation. Our PhDs are well organized and manage their own scientific meetings.

Postdocs entering the lab by obtaining funding via Henry Wellcome, EMBO, HSPF  etc. Fellowships are welcome to pursue their own ideas and research projects.

Besides, I may also be able to fund a PhD with project grant money or you might be able to find funding via national fellowship programs promoting research exchange.

We are looking for students with a passion for science that like to do experiments and who are interested to continue their career in basic or applied biomedical sciences in the long term. Our experience is that the very best students do not necessarily come from Universities with big names. Thus while entering the lab is very competitive, if you know what you want, it is always worth to send me an E-mail.

An image from our research

We are always considering Post Doctoral applications. The interactive and collaborative environment of the Dundee School of Life Sciences provides and ideal environment to start developing your own research plan and to learn how to eventually run your own lab. We have an enthusiastic Post Doc Association. Have a look at their site.

Working on C. elegans is still an open field. We try to give ample space to postdoctoral fellows hopefully enhancing their chances of opening independent laboratories. The lab is always open to candidates aiming at obtaining independent funding. Nevertheless, it is worth contacting me, as other opportunities may arise.

We are keen to take on undergraduate students but ask them to commit a minimum of 5 months to stay in our lab. This provides an opportunity for local but also international students who already have some initial lab experience to gain research experience, be exposed to an international team and experience the excitement of being at the forefront of science. In case you are studying at a European University you may consider contacting your local Erasmus office as this might be a way to finance your stay with us.