"You have made your way from worm to man, and much within you is still a worm" (Nieztsche)


Shawn Ahmed / University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill

We collaborate for more than 7 years. Shawn's Lab focuses on genetic approaches to study telomere biology and senescence in C. elegans. We are currently analyzing DNA damage response mutants that originate from his lab.

Tim Schedl / Washington University / Saint Louis

We are currently having an active collaboration with Tim Schedl's lab with respect to the interplay between developmental regulation and the DNA damage response pathway.

Simon Boulton / Claire Hall Laboratories / London

With Simon Boulton we share a common interest in DNA repair. Simon uses functional genomics based and biochemical approaches to study DNA damage responses in C. elegans. We have an excessive exchange of ideas and methods. In 2003 we had a common lab outing in the Austrian Alps.

Ralf Schnabel / Technical University of Braunschweig / Germany

We interact with Ralf's group to uncover the role of rad-5 during embryogenesis.

Dario Alessi / MRC unit / CLS Dundee

With Dario Alessi we have ongoing collaborations on conserved kinases, we want to use C. elegans as an experimental system to uncover the molecular roles of these kinases in development and disease.

Julian Blow / Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression.

With Julian we share an interest on DNA damage responses and on S-phase regulation. At present we aim use worm genetic approaches to test his biochemical models obtained from frog replication systems. Similarly we aim to study the conserved Rad-5 checkpoint protein using biochemical approaches established in his lab.

John Rouse / MRC unit / CLS Dundee

With John we share a common interest in DNA damage responses. We have common lab seminars and aim to exploit each others experimental systems.

David Lilley / CLS Dundee

We are collaborating on the biochemical and genetic characterization of animal Holliday Junction Resolvase enzymes

Dimitirs Xirodimas / CRBM (Macromolecular Biochemistry Research Centre) Montpellier cedex 5

We have a common project on a C. elegans protease and its involvement in DNA damage induced apoptosis.

Gyorgy Hutvagner / Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression.

Gyorgy is helping us with the biochemistry of C. elegans GLD-1. We also generated C. elegans GFP reporter strains to genetically screen for new micro RNA regulators.

Angus Lamond/ Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Expression and Regulation, Dundee

We collaborate with Angus on global proteomics approaches, which we apply to C. elegans.

Peter Campbell/ Sanger centre, UK

We collaborate with Peter using C. elegans for whole genome mutant profiling of wild type and DNA repair defective worms.”

Verena Jantsch/ Max Perutz laboratory, Vienna

We collaborate with Verena on mechanisms related to meiotic recombination