Our paper on structural basis of histone tail recognition by human BAZ2A (TIP5) and BAZ2B epigenetic reader domains PHD finger and bromodomain now published in Structure

  • Graphical Abstract
  • Figure 1. Domain Organization of Human Chromatin Associated Proteins Containing PHD Zinc Fingers Adjacent to BRDs
  • Figure 2. Structures of TIP5 and BAZ2B PHD Zinc Fingers in Free State and in Complex with H3K4 Peptide
  • Figure 3. Structures of TIP5 and BAZ2B BRDs in the Free State and in Complex with H3 and H4 Peptides
  • Figure 4. ITC-Based Binding Curves of Individual BRDs with Histone Peptides and Further Analysis on the Specificity of the Recognition Sequence Kac-X-X-R
  • Figure 5. SAXS Analyses Are Shown for Tandem TIP5 PHD-BRD and BAZ2B PHD-BRD in the Free State

Read our Open Access full-text article here.